Monday, March 28, 2016

New Feathered Lady Coloring Book Art

While everyone else was busy hunting for Easter eggs, I was busy hand drawing new art for my next coloring book this last weekend.
This is hand drawn directly with ink, no sketching beforehand. I'm doing a series of women's faces that morph into other things and I like the drawing to become what it wants to become. I usually start with the eye area and go from there and let the drawing flow as I work on it. This lady decided she wanted to become feathers. 
This is my form of relaxing art therapy! Instead of having to work from a plan and restricting my imagination, this direct inking process allows my creativity to flow directly from my subconscious and it's amazing what drawings I get out of this.
Here's samples of some others I've done for this next coloring book using this process: 

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Monday, March 14, 2016

Next Adult Coloring Book? Greyscale Inspirational Women!

This is the next Coloring Book I am currently working on! Greyscale images from my years of creating women's pop art style faces and masks.

Included on each image is an original inspirational poem or quote on women, coloring and life to encourage everyone to live a colorful and fulfilled life.

I have quite a few more to do before I can publish the book, hope to have it done by next month and for sale on Amazon along with my other coloring books!

Just wanted to keep you in the loop on my coloring page design activity!

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