Monday, March 28, 2016

New Feathered Lady Coloring Book Art

While everyone else was busy hunting for Easter eggs, I was busy hand drawing new art for my next coloring book this last weekend.
This is hand drawn directly with ink, no sketching beforehand. I'm doing a series of women's faces that morph into other things and I like the drawing to become what it wants to become. I usually start with the eye area and go from there and let the drawing flow as I work on it. This lady decided she wanted to become feathers. 
This is my form of relaxing art therapy! Instead of having to work from a plan and restricting my imagination, this direct inking process allows my creativity to flow directly from my subconscious and it's amazing what drawings I get out of this.
Here's samples of some others I've done for this next coloring book using this process: 

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