Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Video Preview of the Coloring Book "Through The EYES Of An ARTIST FANTASY Art" by Pop Art Diva 
My latest coloring book is now
Completed and available for sale on Amazon
Through The EYES Of An ARTIST

Video Preview of An Adult & Family Coloring Book of Fantasy Faces by Pop Art Diva:

To view the 43 Work In Progress Videos of the Coloring Pages in this book, visit my Facebook page: COLORING LIFE HAPPY 
A unique, one-of-a-kind coloring book featuring women's eyes and faces morphing into all nature of earthly and fantasy creatures with coloring designs ranging from abstracts, butterflies, fish and sea critters, dragonflies, birds, flowers and even a skull and a cosmic view of space. All as seen "through the eyes" of an artist.


* 31 Beautiful, HAND DRAWNColoring Pages
* All Pages are Single Sided
* 15 Vertical Images and 15 Horizontal Images, PLUS the Cover Art!

* There's even a little coloring doodle on the "Book Colored by" page, & you can color me on the "About the Artist" page!
* Skill levels are easy to moderately detailed.
* Well defined boundaries to make it easy to "color inside the lines".
* Includes Coloring Tips, Coloring Medium Charts and Medium Testing Pages!

All of the coloring pages within this book are completely hand drawn. Done in ink, on paper and, in nearly all cases, directly inked with no preliminary sketching done. I did not use any digital drawing processes at all when creating these images except for the clean up stage where I corrected noogies (my word for mistakes or a slip of the pen.) You can even see progress videos as I drew many of the designs on my Facebook page at

What does this mean? It means that these are not perfect, and they're not meant to be. Nothing hand-drawn is perfect and it shouldn't be. The whole point of not using digital drawing tools is to leave in the charm of the artist's imperfections and, at the same time, including a little piece of the artist's soul.

I can, and do, create art completely digitally, I did for years professionally. Which is why I wanted to get the pen and the paper back in my hands again and sit down and draw the way I was taught to draw. For me, personally, it is tremendously satisfying to have that physical contact with my art tools again. These drawings have given me many hours of artistic pleasure after having been separated from my art by bits and bytes for many years. I hope they bring equal measure of joy to you.

I love drawing eyes and faces but not JUST eyes and faces. Heck, I just like to draw, but it's always more fun if I can let my imagination run loose and that is what I did with these drawings. I used what I call a direct inking process, no preconceived idea or design. Starting with the eyes and part of a face, I then let the drawing tell me what it wanted to be and, with pen in hand, happily followed along. If you are surprised by these designs, imagine my surprise at what ended up on my sketch pad at the end of an illustration session. It was great fun to see my menagerie grow as I created the book and I hope you have as much fun coloring the images as I did creating them.
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