Monday, April 25, 2016

Zentangle Style Zendoodle Fantasy Bird Art Coloring Book Illustration

Here's a video of one of my new zendoodle drawings for my next coloring book. This new book is all drawings of partial women's faces that morph into other things, in this case it turned into a fantasy bird.

I love drawing faces, in particular I love doing eyes because you can say a lot about a mood or persons expression with just the way the eye is drawn.

It's a zentangle style "zendoodle" that I create by inking the original directly onto the paper without doing an initial sketch. I draw the eyes first then allow the drawing to happen organically, letting the drawing "become what it wants to be". This is a thoroughly enjoyable intuitive illustrating process that really puts me in a zen-like mood and I am doing the whole coloring book this way.

I'm hoping to have the book - the working title at this point is "Through The Eyes of an Artist Zendoodle Fantasy Coloring Book" - is illustrated, formatted and published on Amazon by the middle of May!

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